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Which fields of law exist?

Posted by on Mar 21, 2016

Which fields of law exist?

1. Securities and Corporate Law – helping clients conduct business matters in terms of efficiency and consistency with this type of law.

Corporate lawyers deal with preparation of the initial articles that focus on bylaws for a new firm, operation of a corporate reorganization that is under the provision of federal-bankruptcy-law, and incorporation, too. Other corporate law practice areas are:

• contract, • intellectual property, • legislative compliance, • and liability matters.

Securities law is exceptionally complex area that usually requires specialist’s services. Attorneys who are specialized in this, deal with the organization, formation, and financing of companies through acquisitions, stock, corporate takeovers, and mergers.

2. Civil Rights Law – balancing between individual liberties and governmental power.

-Large number of lawyers started their education at law schools wanting to work within the field of civil rights. Despite the fact that the number of full-time jobs in this field of civil rights is not too big, many lawyers who are specialized in some other fields of law can still take cases in this area on a pro bono basis. Attorneys that perform full-time job in the area of civil rights often work for interest law firms that are public, nonprofit, or as part of a bigger firm having multiple practices.

3. Criminal Law – representing clients that are accused of committed crimes.

Criminal defense lawyers’ public counterparts are district attorneys and the prosecutors representing the state’s interests in the prosecution of people who are accused of various crimes. Both criminal lawyers’ types focus on fundamental matters of personal liberty and law. Their job is to defend great number of the basic rights considering those crucial ones and the preservation of society.

4. Education Law – providing an advice, representation, and counsel.

An education law attorney provides these advices considering school district or some other educational institutions in terms of education law to pertinent, such as:

• student residency, • governance matters, • the teacher and principal selection • process of retention, • discipline of the student, • special-education law, • tuition fraud, • development of educational policies.

Other education-law-lawyers are able to represent special-education parents or student-expulsion issues against a school district.

For the end, it is very important to say that public relations for lawyers are crucial for their representation because they can prove themselves through that. Still, It takes many years of experience for these lawyers to become the most wanted, although some of them make a huge step in their careers in short period of time. Each field of law requires different approach and different strategy, so top-notch lawyers are ready to spend some time in researching and presenting their services at a low price, in order to build their name and brand. So do not be too suspicious when you see a lawyer that offers service a low price – maybe he is just started and wants to prove its quality and service.

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